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What’s Happening With Bellamora?

2011 March 18
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

Two months after Bellamora pre-launched, Bellamora distributors found themselves without a CEO. Corporate Trainer or Chief Marketing Officer. What happened and what does this mean for Bellamora?

Exactly what happened, no one can say for a certainty. The people involved are no longer with the company and usually there’s legal issues that ensue that keep them quiet. So we can only go on what happened up to this point.

What happened? Bellamora leaders had several issues and problems that cost the company a lot of money. For one, there was the free samples. Paying for shipping and sending out samples cost plenty. But there was some other problems.

The samples were either held up at the post office or destroyed. Again, no one’s fault, just a lot of expense without a good return. In fact, the amount of samples given out probably cost Bellamora a great deal of money. In my opinion, there should of been a better limit on the sample program.

Then Bellamora ran out of samples and then got new ones that were difficult to deliver (in ketchup type packs)and again, a lot of waste because many of these got smashed and were viewed as a poor choice, again costing more money.

Was it worth it? Probably not. Too many people did not respond well to the samples and a majority of people did not upgrade and buy product. On the other hand, there were a lot of firm believers in the product and things seemed to be moving along fairly well in spite of all this.

Then came the software, website and back office problems. This is so common with start up mlms you wonder why no one seemed to know how to prevent it. In other words, when the wrong software company is choosen and a new one must be picked, a ton of money already spent goes down the drain.

A third problem has to do with some of the ingredients in the Bellamora products. Some people were complaining there were ingedients that shouldn’t have been in there. Fine, let’s take them out.

Problem with that is that Bellamora had a ton of product ready with the old formula. What do you do with it before you bring out the new product? Throw it away? Again, what a loss of revenue that would be.

So from what I could see, these three major problems cost Bellamora a ton of money and is an indication there was other finances being used and spent that similarly became less than productive. Somebody had to be responsible.

On the other hand, the free sample program produced a huge amount of interest and from a marketing standpoint should have been considered very successful. I believe it was.

Companies with less financial backing would have crumbled under all this, but Bellamora has not. Apparently what was done is to hold someone accountable for all the problems and decide to bring someone else on board that could direct the company in the right direction.

Dr. Bruce Miller, Bellamora Chairman and Founder brought in Kelley Foote to help direct operations and Ed Perry to control finances and it’s my guess this started the ball rolling that changed things.

Dr. Miller came on a Bellamora call and told everyone he was going to make things right and to not give up on Bellamora. Dr. Miller doesn’t come from an mlm background, so he doesn’t have much experience with it. My guess is he trusted the leaders to know what to do and let them run things unchecked. He knows better now.

When things didn’t go just right, he brought in help. The results were what happened with Bellamora in mid-march. Is this a death stroke for Bellamora? Some would have you believe so, especially those who left Bellamora for something else.

However, Brian McLane is now my upline and he gave a Team call last night and said if he didn’t believe Bellamora was going to succeed, he would have left completely, but he didn’t. He thinks it still can succeed. He plans to help build it.

The truth is this; nobody knows what will happen for sure at this point. We are the company. If we distributors fold our cards, so will Bellamora. From what I hear from the field, that’s no where near the case.

People still believe in this product and company and are sticking with it as long as Bellamora is willing, which means it’s really up to them now to pull it through.

So rather than count their losses and fold, Bellamora is showing that they too believe in their products and want to help us distributors to succeed along with it. So what does Bellamora need to do at this point?

They need to stop the negative talk from the deserters by producing some positive results. They need to re-establish consistent communications and support to the field.

Bellamora needs proper and effective communications through their calls and emails, new and experienced executive management leadership, up to date properly working software and websites and a commitment to those who want to stick it out.

From what was promised on the call, this is exactly what they are planning to do. MLM is hard enough to get off the ground, but it is harder when there’s big problems, so I don’t envy their battle.

They also need to correct any charging problems through reimbursements, credit people who have paid for websites and gotten nothing and in fact, make "marketing tools and upgraded websites" an option and not a mandatory requirement.

People want fairness. They want to be acknowledged. They want what they deserve. I hope they don’t make the mistake of hiring people or placing people on the training team who may be "qualified" because of experience, but don’t have the communication skills and manners to deal with people as a group or individually.

With that all being said, you take a risk with Start ups but getting in the right company early can also mean a huge advantage in how well you do if you build your business and the company turns out okay. We’d love to have you join our team if you decide to join Bellamora.

Bellamora Commissions

2011 February 1
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

I received my first Bellamora commission check today and needless to say I was thrilled.Here’s why….

Not only did bellamora deliver product on time, they delivered checks on time. Many start up companies have production problems ot software problems or money problems and don’t deliver that first check for months after they pre-launch.

Less than two weeks after the pre-launch of Bellamora, checks were sent out. And quite a number of checks were way more than typical start ups because we have been able to build our Teams for FREE for about ten weeks.

My check has been one of my highest first checks in network marketing and it came at a great time. This is just the beginning of many great checks and i looking forward to helping many others duplicate this great success.

Bellamora Ultimate Pack – Be A Bellamora Founder

2011 January 12

Can’t decide if you should become a Bellamora Founder? Of course, there are those who will say they can’t afford it. I have heard some very good reasons why you can’t afford to NOT do it. IF you’re serious that Bellamora is the right network marketing home for you, then you really owe it to yourself to become a Bellamora Founder. Here’s some beneficial perks you’ll get when you do….

You’ ll Get…

  • An Exclusive B.I.G. Founder’s Club T-Shirt
  • A Prestigious B.I.G. Founder’s Club Lapel Pin
  • A Special Bonus Training Digital Download For B.I.G. Founder’s Club Only!
  • The B.I.G. Founder’s Club Insignia on Your Business Cards – That identifies you as a Founder!
  • A V.I.P. Invitation to a Special Monthly CEO Conference Call
  • V.I.P. Seating at All Corporate, Regional & National Events – That identifies you as a Founder!
  • V.I.P. Founder’s Training From the #1 Facebook expert Max Steingart
  • V.I.P. Invitation to 2 Conference Calls by world famous goals coach Gary Blair!
  • 1,000 Bonus Lead Credits – this alone can earn you way more than $499
  • You will automatically be ranked at Silver, which means you begin earning the Matching Bonus commissions right out of the gate!  (you must sponsor one person on your left and right legs)*

WHY Become a Founder?

  1. You’re setting an example for your personally sponsored group
  2. You won’t be asked at what level you joined, people will know because you’re a Founder
  3. If people do ask what Pack you bought, you can say the Ultimate Pack not The Basic
  4. It shows these people you’re serious about Bellamora and building it
  5. It will attract more leaders and people because you’re a Founder
  6. It signifies you’re the one with the answers because you got in at the beginning
  7. You won’t have to explain to anyone why you didn’t choose the Founders Pack
  8. It shows your confidence in Bellamora and yourself
  9. It shows your belief in Bellamora and yourself
  10. Not just because of all the perks now, but those that will come in the future

You’ll only have one opportunity to make this choice and the window to do so is going to be about 5 days. So come join us in the inner circle with the Bellamora Founders Group. Think B.I.G.

* matching bonuses will not be paid the first week, but volume from the first week will go towards ranking for next commissions cycle.

If you’re ready to join Bellamora, enroll here.

Bellamora Samples Are Arriving

2010 November 20
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

Samples of Bellamora are arriving in small packets for personal use on Monday November 23rd. These samples will probably start to ship out on Tuesday. They say it takes about 5 business days to get the samples, however, when people enroll next week, they will have plenty of samples to start shipping out right away.

So don’t hesitate to enroll new members because they will get their samples with a shorter wait time than you.

What Countries Will Bellamora Open In?

2010 November 12

There are six countries that Bellamora will open in. They are Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, The Dominican Republic, Columbia and the United States. Puerto Rico is also included with the United States, just click on States when enrolling and choose Puerto Rico.

The Bellamora products are produced and manufactured by Zepol Labaratories in Costa Rica and warehoused and distributed in Florida, USA. To reach Bellamora you can call 813.443.5563  between 9-5 PM EST .

I am an active Bellamora California Sponsor and out Team is exploding with Bellamora Leaders. To recieve your free Bellamora sample, please go to and click on join to go to the application page.

Bellamora – The Last Business Opportunity You’ll Ever Need

2010 November 11
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

Bellamora come very well be the last business opportunity you’ll ever need. Bellamora is breaking industry records
and is the Fastest Home Based Business in History, Bellamora has the most powerful compensation plan in the industry, Bellamora’s Skin Care Products Gets… Immediate Results and is Now Being Called The New “Fountain of Youth” and Home Business Connection Magazine selected BELLAMORA as the Home Based Business of the Month.

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Live Webinar Training

2010 November 6
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

Below is the Live Webinar Training on our new Bellamora Internation Group (BIG) Marketing System. Come join us.

Info For Live Webinar Training
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Visit a few minutes before
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Bellamora – The Next Billion Dollar MLM

2010 November 3
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

Thank you for helping Belamora build the first network marketing company which will pay out a billion dollars to the field in the shortest amount of time EVER! This message is brought to you from the Bellamora back office.

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Bellamora – The New Fountain Of Youth

2010 November 2
Posted by freeyourpossibilities

Bellamora is a new and exciting skin care Company that helps improve your beauty and financial future. Bellamora International Group is currently in “FREE LAUNCH”. It will Pre-Launch in Six Countries on January 15th, 2011.  How is Bellamora the new fountain of youth?

This blog will bring you current up to date news about Bellamora and their product line. For more information, subscribe to this blog.

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